Bailey Saving Lives

image courtesy of Engin Akyurt

Ep 2: 7/19/2019


Nurse Bailey is administering Morphine to a ninety-eight-year-old hospice patient who refuses to die.

Family members are packed in the room waiting for some miraculous life extension.

A few relatives are focused on the NBA play-offs; unmoved by the gasping for air from their loved one.

The ringleader (the primary beneficiary) start to question noticeable changes in the resident’s breathing pattern.

The conversations in the room suddenly stop.

One by one family members chime in with concern.

They can’t be serious? Bailey needs a minute to process what’s going on in the room.

She holds her breath, then exhales, discarding the needle in a nearby sharps container and returns to the patient’s bed.

For visual purpose and to ease the tension in the room she does an assessment on the resident.

She knows the resident has less than thirty-six hours to live.

Mottling has started and the patient’s respirations are dropping.

The forty-pill a day medication regimen has finally run its course. The patient’s body is unsure what to do at this point except die.

The patient is almost a hundred years old and lucky to have seen his ninety-eighth birthday under these conditions. Be glad he lasted this long.” Bailey says to herself.

Bailey responds to the family’s concern.

“He’s doing pretty good. The morphine should help relieve the labored breathing.” Bailey says aloud.

She looks around the room to see if the family believes her statement.

The relatives appear relieved — minus the ringleader who is obviously looking forward to spending the proceeds of the will.

Any indication the resident could survive this ordeal is cause for alarm for the antsy executrix.

Bailey changes the patient’s intravenous dressing and notices the refreshment tray is empty.

“May I replenish your courtesy tray?” she asks the family.

They agree.

Mr. Holland’s family is no longer concerned with his near-death status and shifts their focus back to the NBA play-offs.

Nurse Bailey exits the resident’s room.

{Yelling down the hall at the CNA}

Hey Patsy, have you seen Lorie?

“I need her to bring a courtesy tray to room 307.

“I haven’t seen her in a while.” Patsy replies.

Bailey looks concerned.


Nurse Bailey takes a seat at the nursing station.

It’s funny how family members crawl out of the woodwork when a patient is placed on hospice. Where was his family throughout the year?” Bailey turns to her co-worker for a response.

“Child, don’t even mention it.” Miss B sips her coffee and continues charting.

{A suit is headed towards the nursing station}

Clack- Clack-Clack!

The sound of high heels gets closer. It’s obviously something important.

Miss B spies the suit approaching, gets up from her chair, and exits the nursing station.

Bailey smiles and continues charting.

The Resident Care Coordinator makes her way to the nursing station.

{Bailey grits her teeth as Linda approaches}

“Have you seen Lorie.” Linda frantically asked.

Bailey doesn’t look up from her computer.

“I believe she’s on break.” Bailey responds.

“Is she on break, or is she with a resident?” Linda demands.

“She’s on break. Is there something I can help you with?” Bailey finally looks up from her computer.

I’ve got several family members requesting their CNA.” Linda crosses her arm and waits for an answer.

Fade out

{Bailey’s ideal response}

“Lorie has over ten high-acuity residents who need help with transfers, toileting, and another four residents who seem to think they reside in a 6-star resort. I don’t know maybe she’s on a damn break!”

Fade Back In

[Real Time]

“Can you please have her see me immediately?” Linda exits the nursing station.

{Bailey nods in agreement}

The Suit leaves the clinical area.

Miss B is seen returning to the nursing station.

“What was that about?” Miss B takes her seat.

Lorie is MIA again. Nurse Bailey confesses.

Between you and I, that girl has been working double-shifts for five days straight. Is she trying to kill herself?” Miss B asks.

{Nurse Bailey is seen leaving the nursing station in search for the missing uniform}

The Suits and Uniforms don’t have the best relationship at Green Meadows Rehabilitation Center.

The Suits have no idea what it’s like working the clinical area and the Uniforms — well they think the Suits have nothing better to do than crack the whip.

And their probably right.

The Suits’ have little or no experience with the clinical aspects of the rehab center.

Their focus is solely directed toward the bonus received at the end of the year for staying on budget.

Meanwhile, events occurring in between are irrelevant.

Fade in


Nurse Bailey is seen entering a patient’s room.

{The resident is observed playing inside her soiled brief and extends feces stained hands to Bailey}

Bailey ignores the behavior and walks past the patient where she sees Lorie in the parking lot.

From the resident’s window, Nurse Bailey has a clear view of Lorie laid out inside the backseat of her car.

The resident blows a kiss as she watches Nurse Bailey exit her room.


[Nurse Bailey knocks on the car window]

Lorie is startled.

Bailey looks to see if anyone noticed the sleeping employee.

“Can I talk to you a minute?” Bailey asks.

[Lorie rolls down the window]

“I’m so sorry! I swear it won’t happen again. I was on my fifteen-minute break and fell asleep. I need this job; my family back home depends on me to send them money. Please don’t fire me.” Lorie pleads, while wiping sleep from her eye.

Lorie exits her car.

“Linda is looking for you.” Bailey says.

Tears form in Lorie’s eyes. She looks worried.

[Bailey remembers the hard task of working as a CNA]

“It’s okay. I’ll think of something to tell Linda but for God sake don’t do this again.” Bailey hands Lorie a tissue.

{Lorie is seen rushing inside the building}

Bailey removes a lighter and two cigarettes from her pocket and contemplates her next move.

Fade in


{Nurse Bailey notates the extreme contrast between the clinical area and the management area}

The clinical area barely has essential supplies for the patients.

Meanwhile, the Suits area, including Linda’s office, looks like an ad from a magazine.

{Bailey continues eyeballing the well decorated area}

She lightly knocks and enters Linda’s office.

{Linda is caught off guard as Bailey enters}

She motions Nurse Bailey to a chair and ends her call.

“Can I help you?” Linda asks, rearranging items on her desk as she attempts to regain her composure.

“I’ve located Lorie. She’s in the restroom puking her guts out. I’m surprised she came to work today.

I told her to grab a soft drink from the kitchen and return to the floor in thirty minutes.

Her vitals are stable, she seems fine. Maybe it’s a food bug or something.”

Bailey waits for a response.

“I’m glad she didn’t leave the building, otherwise, I’d have to fire her.” Linda sniggers.

{Bailey doesn’t smile}

In a Southern drawl Linda responds.

“We can’t have the CNA’s doing whatever they want. We’ve got a reputation in the community.” Linda adds.

Fade out

[Nurse Bailey imagines herself and the clinical coworkers working on a plantation]

Fade back in

[Real Time]

“I totally get it.” Bailey lies.

Linda nods her head. She’s pleased Bailey really gets it.

Fade out

Baileys standing at Linda’s desk with her finger pointed in Linda’s face.

“I get you’re a selfish bitch who has no idea what it’s like to work under these conditions!”

Fade back in

[Real Time]

“It won’t happen again.” Bailey states.

Linda reapplies her lipstick indicating to bailey the meeting is over.

“Can you close my door? And next time, please knock first.”

“I’m sorry, I thought I did knock.” Bailey smirks.

Fade out

Bailey slams Linda’s office door hard enough to shatter the windows.

Fade back in

[Real time]

Bailey is seen closing Linda’s office door and returning to the nursing area.


The evening pills are late. Bailey is frantically pulling medications. She has thirty-three residents who have at least twenty pills each.

She signs all medications out and dumps the pills inside her pocket.

She’ll dispose the medication on her next break.

With over thirty patients there is no way anyone would have time to pass all the medications ordered, do treatments, take vital signs and complete charting.

Skilled nursing facilities are a joke!

“Have the doctors ever attempted to complete a medication pass Bailey thinks to herself.

They prescribe these impossible orders without blinking.

I mean really. You expect one nurse to administer 30–40 pills each to thirty or more residents every four hours.

A robot couldn’t manage this workload!”

She continues dumping pills in her lab coat.

Fade in


After giving five showers, feeding the residents, and getting them ready for bed Lorie looks exhausted.

She manages to smile when she sees Nurse Bailey assisting with getting a few of her resident’s ready for bed.

Am I in trouble. Will Linda write me up?” Lorie asks, while transporting a resident back to their room.

“You’re going to be okay,” Nurse Bailey confirms.

“Uniforms never snitch on Uniforms.”

Hi, I am Bailey. A 32 year-old LPN trapped in Long Term Care. I had dreams of becoming a ballerina one day. Take a look at me now. Up to my neck in bullsh*t!